Side quests!

Here, you can find all the possible side quests to complete during our quest of finding Toetje in the Otherworlds. Get yourself the best team of adventurers, sign up together, and complete as many quests as possible (a team can consist of 3-6 people). If you complete the quests in an extraordinarily creative way, you may be able to earn extra points. Check back here on the 15th of every month for a new batch of quests and a new ranking! At the end of the year, there will be a prize for the team with the most points!

To hand in your quests, please use this form.

Sidequests November
  1. Treat another team to a toetje (dessert). 25 points
  2. Attend a lustrum activity in theme with at least half your team. 20 points
  3. Take a picture of another team while they’re completing a quest. 10 points
  4. Dance in the rain. 20 points
  5. Paint an Easter egg. 20 points
  6. Take a picture with at least 3/4 of your team and a live animal. 20 points + 10 if your team is complete
  7. Take a picture of a lustrum merch article. 20 points
  8. Record an acapella Paso Doble with your team. 20 points
  9. Attend an activity organised by a (U Dance) sister association with at least half your team. 40 points
  10. Dance ballroom/latin/salsa/bachata in a bar, club, or something similar filled with people that have no clue what those are. (the song should obviously be suited for the chosen dance). 20 points
  11. Switch places during a party cha cha. 30 points
  12. Take an Abby road (style) picture. 10 points
  13. Serenade a fellow U Dancer. 35 points (possible bonus points for serenading a Lustrum committee member 😉)
  14. Teach a non U Dance member a dance step. 25 points
  15. Take a picture with as many people as possible in a wardrobe. 5 points per person
Sidequests October
  1. Take a team photo. 25 points
  2. Take a photo with 10 U Dancers sorted by the length of their last names. 30 points
  3. Collect 25 green objects. 10 points
  4. Come up with a team yell. 10 points
  5. Create your own missing poster for Toetje. 25 points
  6. Plan a fun activity with your team outside of U Dance. 50 points
  7. Dance your non-dominant role with your dance partner for an entire song. (Leader follows). 20 points per couple, 50 max
  8. Act out a scene from your favourite otherworldly film with your group. 50 points
  9. Take a photo with the mascot or flag of a sister association. 30 points
  10. Tell Mihai a joke. 15 points
  11. Place a U Dance sticker on a personal object. 10 points
  12. Bake a frog dessert. 35 points
  13. Create a WhatsApp sticker related to U Dance or dancing. This task will be judged exclusively by Nika, so send the sticker to her first and ask for a rating between 15 and 45. Submit a screenshot of her response.
  14. Suggest a quest for this game. 10 points
  15. Create a whipped cream beard that Gandalf and Merlin would be jealous of. 25 points